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Author: Sophie Scott

What Is A 203K Home Loan?

Home buyers seeking a loan that can be used for home improvements as well as home purchases often turn to the 203KĀ loan. This type of loan is the go-to resource for buyers with limited funds. Home buyers who are just beginning their home search or who have found the house that they want to purchase […]

The First-Time Home Buyers Guide to FHA Home Loans

One of the major hurdles a first-time homebuyer must successfully navigate is obtaining a home loan. Those who have some type of credit blip or no real credit history at all often face real challenges in qualifying for a mortgage with acceptable repayment terms. Although not limited to this type of buying situation, the FHA […]

How Do Mortgages Work? A Guide for New Homeowners

Getting a mortgage can seem complicated, once borrowers realize that there are several different types. With this information, potential home buyers will be able to distinguish the most common kinds of mortgages. 1. Fixed-Rate Loans The standard mortgage loan that most people are at least vaguely familiar with is a fixed-rate loan with a specific […]

What You Need to Know About Capital Gains on a Home Sale

There is a lot of confusion when it comes to capital gains on home sales. Part of this is because there are so many exclusions that some people believe that capital gains don’t even apply to home sales. Well, the truth is that they do apply, but there are a lot of conditions and potential […]

How to Stage Your Home When It’s Time to Sell

Staging is the act of making a property look move-in ready and appealing to home buyers. Staging is one part cleaning, one part decluttering, and one part decorating. Most homeowners stage in phases, beginning with decluttering and moving on to decorating. Getting Started Decluttering is usually the first part of staging because it’s so time-consuming. […]

What You Don’t Know About Home Inspections

When it comes time to sell a property, a home inspection is necessary, or is it? This is one additional expense that may be useful but in certain cases is not a mandatory aspect in purchasing a home. In fact, some individuals buying in competitive markets may want to forgo the home inspection process to […]

How To Use Influencers For Marketing

INTRODUCTION Influencers are persons who have the ability to sway the opinions of a target market. They are information brokers who share their knowledge and thoughts in order to aid others in making sound decisions. They are well-known and greatly respected public figures within their local communities and as such, are well able to win […]

Most Important Philosophical Texts of All Time

3 of the Most Important Philosophical Texts of All Time The most important philosophical texts of all time can be argued about just as much as philosophy itself. Discussed here are merely three of the most important texts chosen specifically for their profound global cultural impact. That is to say, these three texts stand as […]

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